Our Music

Catch Me If You Can

Catch Me If You Can Hello • Got A Lot of Shakin’ to DoGrizzly BearChoo Choo CelebrationCountin’ Jive • Muskegon Duck Dance • I Love the Winter • Catch Me If You Can • Eenie, Meenie • I Feel Like Dancing • Snow is Gently Falling • Pet Shop Jamboree ShowMake Your Body Stronger • Open Shut Them • Out in the Snow • Doctor’s Office • Rhythm in Me • Who Is Hiding? • Shopping • See You Later

Let’s Play Outside

Let's Play Outside Hello • Uncle John’s Farm • Good Morning! • Six Little Ducks • This Old Man • Let’s Make a Pie • Sodeo • Two Little Blackbirds • Do You Wanna Dance? • Jessie’s Song • Hey Ho • I Want To Clap • Ridin’ the Music Train • Chicky Cha • Ackabacka • Strong Like a Bear • Beautiful Flowers • Baby’s Coming • See You Later

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Jumpin’ on the Bed

Jumpin' on the Bed HelloHey Mama MiaJumpin’ on the Bed • Quiet Mouse • Ahoy There Mateys! • Lap Rap • Itsy Bitsy Spider • Elephant • Me and My Partner • Goin’ to Kentucky • Snowman • Shiver Shuffle • Twinkle, Twinkle • Snowman Circus • Snowflake Chant • Skip to My Lou • Take a Step • Underneath the Covers • Paige’s Train • Icicles • Jim Along Josie • Little Love • See You Later

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Jumpin’ in the Leaves

Jumpin' in the Leaves HelloFeel the BeatDiggin’ • I Spy • Choo ChooTen FirefightersDial 911Cotton Eyed Joe • Jack in the Box • Booga Boo • Ring Around the Rosy • Hush Little Baby • Jumpin’ in the LeavesHarvest Hoedown • Pumpkin Patch • Five Little Mice • WoodpeckerLooby Loo • This Little Cow • Biddy Biddy • Oseh Shalom • Wherever You GoSee You Later

Round the Garden

Round the Garden Hello • Wave with Me • Get on BoardDeep in the ForestBeehiveYou Can’t Play in the Mud • Round the Garden • Ram Sam SamBuilding Blocks • Creeping • Mexican Scramble • The Shoemaker • Mother Brown • My Big Hat • Go to Sleep • My ShoesWork Upon the Railway • Garden Snail • Worms • Apache Chant • El Mishito • Windmill • Market • Peck-a Peck-a • March, MarchSee You Later

In My Band

In My Band HelloCoconut TreeLittle Red Caboose • Shimmy, Shimmy • Shoe a Little Horse • See the Pony GallopingDeep Dark Cave • Snowflakes • Popcorn • Jack Frost • Chicken SoupIn My BandLay Your Head DownThe Pirate Ship • Brush Your Teeth • Roll Him • The Fat Snowman • Clap Your Hands • Tua Tua • Trot to Grandma’s House • Jump Down Turn Around • Little Tip Tap • Look ‘Round • Snowman Dance • Irish LullabySee You Later


Yodel-Lay-Hee HelloBoogie to the BeatThe Haircut ShopCrawdadMe & My DinosaurMy Dog RagsMusicians in the BandRoll Over • Sneakers • Mama PaquitaI’ll Dance with YouI Won’t Fly Away • In the Autumn Air • Three Little Leaves • I’ve Been Working on the RailroadLittle Ducky DuddleLet’s Exercise • Tommy Thumb • Yodel • Sarasponda • A Tiny Little Pumpkin • GoodnightSee You Later

Let’s Hop!

LetsHop HelloWhat Does a Frog Do?Hop on BoardWake UpCowpokeYee-Ha! • Chick, Chick • Little Mousie • Pajama Jammin’This Old HammerThunder RoaringTurn Cinnamon Turn • Funky Grandma • ButterflyTubby TimeArabella MillerStop!Grandma’s GlassesListen to My Eggs ShakeGonk, GonkWiggle WormGing Gong Gooli • Bang Bang • Ride to Town • Allee Galloo • Sweet Dreams • See You Later

Dancing in the Light of the Moon

Dancing in the Light of the Moon HelloThe Na Na SongHop Old SquirrelLa CucarachaBand on the BusJelly on the PlateHey Little DoggieLiza JaneShake Our Eggs Boogie5 Little BabiesBy ‘n ByDancing in the Light of the MoonMr. RabbitWorkin’ So HardDulce, DulceApple TreeRein ‘Em InFalling LeavesSleep TightSee You Later

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You Are My Sunshine (one of our “Best of” CDs)

You Are My Sunshine HelloYou Are My SunshineBand on the BusI Want to ClapI Am a TreeMr. RabbitHey Little DoggieBalloon ChantPet ParadeChicky ChaThis is My TurtleDancin’ in the Light of the MoonSleepy FingersFrère JacquesMama MiaShake Our Eggs BoogieRein ‘Em InJumpin’ on the BedJim Along JosiePigs in the PigpenSleep TightSee You Later

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Feel the Rhythm Flow (one of our “Best of” CDs)

Feel the Rhythm Flow Hello • Feel the Rhythm FlowConstruction CrewCrawdadSix Little Ducks • Where’s My Nose • At the Bottom of the SeaCatch Me If You Can • Eenie, Meenie • Open Shut Them • Let’s Exercise • Baby’s Coming • Boogie to the Beat • Blackbirds • Mama PaquitaMy Dog RagsChoo Choo Celebration • Tommy Thumb • Strong Like a Bear • I Feel Like Dancing • Shopping • I Won’t Fly Away • Bye Bye

Ring Around the Rosy (one of our “Best of” CDs)

Ring Around the Rosy Hello • Feel the BeatCoconut TreeBiddy BiddyPopcornThe Pirate Ship • Tua Tua • Chicken Soup • Ring Around the Rosy • Stop! • This Little Cow • Trot to Grandma’s • Oseh Shalom • Lay Your Head DownPajama Jammin’ • I Spy • FirefighterDial 911Arabella MillerHop on Board • Look ‘Round • Cotton-Eyed JoeLooby LooCowpokeYeeha! • Brush Your Teeth • Baby’s Boat • Bye Bye

I Feel Good (one of our “Best of” CDs)

I Feel Good Hello • I Feel GoodRide My PonyBuilding BlocksJelly on the Plate • Me & My Partner • Five Little Babies • Mother BrownPet ShopLa Cucaracha • Dulce Dulce • My Big Hat • Ocean Waves • Surfin’ Frog • Listen to the NightNo, No • Rap-A-Tippity • Down by the Station • BeehiveSkip to My LouWalk Like the AnimalsClap in Time • Apache Chant • Goin’ to Kentucky • Bounce and Roll • Little Love • Bye Bye