Here’s what people have to say about Makin’ Music Classes and Performances.


I just wanted to share my gratitude and appreciation for all of the fun times that Jonathan and I had at Makin’ Music over the past few years. As you all know, Jonathan has autism and he has his share of challenges. Everyone at Makin’ Music made us feel so warm and welcome and made Jonathan feel special. As the mother of a special needs child, I can’t tell you how much that means to me. The world is not always as kind as you have always been. You are all truly wonderful people!

I believe Makin’ Music was therapeutic as well as fun and enjoyable for Jonathan (and me)! I think the social, sensory, and creative aspects of classes were so good for him. I have always loved music and I cherished the times I was able to share that love with Jonathan through your classes.
– Kristina S.

I had the opportunity to attend a class taught by Jen Stewart in Radnor this morning. It was a trial class and we absolutely loved it! My 15 month old daughter enjoyed dancing and playing instruments. It was fantastic and Jen was a pro! Thank you for creating such a wonderful program!
– Amanda Z.


Our daughter Alannah (age 7) has participated in Makin’ Music classes for almost 3 years. Alannah was diagnosed with autism when she was 3. The associated lack of social skills and delayed communication abilities make it difficult for her to develop and maintain friendships. We knew she loved music and wanted to participate in programs and camps that would allow her to develop in these key areas. Makin’ Music has provided us with a safe and nurturing environment allowing her to develop bonds with teachers and classmates. Alannah is now able to express her feelings and emotions with greater clarity and has developed more confidence in initiating and maintaining a conversation due to her participation in Makin’ Music classes and camps.

At the end of each session she would come home and want me to sing and dance to the songs on the CD. She would tell me to sing like “Miss Sandi”. Her experiences at Makin’ Music provided conversation topics with her peers. She will seek out individuals who want to hear about the music and dancing and games and arts and crafts. We are grateful for the support given to us to help Alannah develop her love of music. She sings in our church choir and loves being around other children that share an interest in music. We are extremely thankful to Makin’ Music for providing programs that provide developmental opportunities that are so much fun and educational for our daughter. Singing and dancing (and Bitty Bob) will always be a part of her life.
– Mary C.

We had our first summer class yesterday and got our CD. Sandi had mentioned to me that it was a greatest hits, but OMG!!! After school I’m driving T to acting class and we are listening to the CD. I was like a little kid. Each song that came on I would get so excited!! By the fourth song I was in tears. They are most of Tiana’s favorites from when she was little and each one holds sooooo many memories for me!

Oh the HOURS we spent singing those songs! It wasn’t that long ago and yet, wow, how grown up she is now. From the back seat she asks, “Mom, what is the big deal? They are just songs!” But, oh they are SOOOOO much more than just songs to me! They are priceless memories of my little girl! And for that I want to sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for what you do!! I knew it was good for them and we had fun, but Makin’ Music will always have a special place in my heart. To have this CD just happen to be the one for the last Makin’ music session she will be in…UGH my baby is growing up!! Thank you again for all you guys do!!!
– Aubrey B.


We have since moved to Wisconsin and try as I might, I cannot find anything remotely close to the quality and fun of your classes. I am glad that I have the CDs with me, so we can listen to them, and my daughter and I can introduce my son (who is now 14 months old) to the fun music. I just wanted to thank you for the fun times we had and tell you that you really have something special there! Thanks again! We miss your classes!– Emily L.

Nicholas really loves this class! He will walk up to the CD player at home and demand that we play his Makin’ Music CD and then he will dance all over!
– Stacy B.

My family moved to Raleigh, NC, from West Chester five years ago, where we had attended Makin’ Music classes for a couple of years with our older two children. I just had to write you and let you know what a profound impact your music has had, and still has, on our three kids. We still cycle through the CDs with every changing season (I just pulled out “Jumpin’ In The Leaves” this morning) and my 9 and 7 year old reminisce about their classes and the little friends they made through Makin’ Music. My 4 year old loves the songs, also.

We didn’t have many friends yet in West Chester, as we were new in the area, and no family lived nearby, so with my husband traveling every week, and two little ones at home, I really looked forward to Makin’ Music every week!

I have so many good memories of those early childhood days, and they all come flooding back when we pop in your CDs. Thank you so much for bringing joy to our young family, and for helping us grow and bond through these great songs!

I took our youngest to Kindermusik here in Raleigh for a couple of years, and it just isn’t the same homespun, warm, nurturing feel that we always got at Makin’ Music. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for being such an important part of our lives!
– Jenni H.


Just wanted to tell you just how much we enjoyed our wonderful assembly with Makin’ Music! Sandi and Jen did such a great job of getting the students up and moving. It is such an age appropriate and developmentally appropriate assembly for our K-2 Concord School! I have received numerous compliments from staff and students!

Concord School LOVES Makin’ Music! Thank you so much for a fun assembly!
– Donna Pacifico
Kindergarten Teacher

I just wanted to say that Ms. Jen Stewart was INCREDIBLE last week here at our library! All of the parents/grandparents/nannies raved about her high energy and how interactive she was with the kids. Even my co-worker, Laura, was blown away by her, as was I.

Just wanted to let you know that she is a phenomenal performer (as I’m sure you all know because all of your performers are great) and a wonderful teacher. She might have a new following here at Middletown!

Thanks for being one of our most popular programs here at the library and for always having a blast with our families. Hope you have a wonderful day.
– Jason Fialkovich
Youth Services Librarian
Middletown Free Library


Makin’ Music has been entertaining guests at Linvilla Orchards forever. We’ve built our business around families with young children and Makin’ Music is a perfect fit! We’ve been so happy with their performances that we’ve added more every year. They host many of our events and even run our annual Costume Parade. When the whole band appears each October, every face on the farm lights up. Makin’ Music is dependable, fun and engaging.
– Rob,
Linvilla Orchards

Your show was terrific…You were very professional and you went well beyond your contractual duties. I will recommend you highly to anyone who asks about your show.
– Rachel Kohl Community Library

The children and their families who attended the Country Fair…really enjoyed the songs and interaction of the Makin’ Music performers!!! Thanks for entertaining all of the kids, young and old alike!
– Riddle Memorial Hospital

On behalf of Longwood Gardens, I want to thank you and all the folks in Makin’ Music Rockin’ Rhythms…It was a real pleasure to have you back in the Gardens, and your two concerts were very well received by over 400 audience members at each concert. From the opening, “Hello Everybody,” right up to the end, young and old had a great time clapping, singing, and dancing along. We really appreciated having so many of your students in the audience. You do have a loyal following.
– Longwood Gardens

On behalf of Nemours and our Newtown Square Associates, I would like to thank you and Makin’ Music for providing outstanding entertainment during the Nemours Children’s Clinic Newtown Square grand opening event. Thank you for all your cooperation and patience during the planning stages.

Makin’ Music truly helped to make this event enjoyable for guests of all ages. The event was a huge success thanks in part to your help and coordination. Thank you for your hard work and quality service!
– Nemours Children’s Clinic