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Our Story

Makin’ Music is the music and movement enrichment program that has been loved by thousands of children and parents for over 20 years. Our classes are full of engaged children and the grown-ups who love them interacting with our lively, fun-filled music.

Learning Experience

The rewarding experience of Makin’ Music creates natural stepping stones to formal music education and facilitates the transition to more advanced concepts. It may look like we are just singing, dancing, tapping, and wiggling, but we are actually working on developmental milestones like motor skills, patterning, balance, coordination, sharing and social skills.

Our Music

Our audios are recorded and produced at the highest quality using only the best musicians and production engineers in the Philadelphia area. You will hear rock, jazz, blues, country, traditional American folk, world music and more.


We've been honored to receive many awards in our 25+ years. Here are just some of the recognitions we've gotten:

For Our Classes:

Mainline Parent

Best Toddler & Preschool Class

Mainline Today

Best Music Program for Kids

Nickelodeon's Parents' Pick Award

Best Music Class in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Magazine's Best of Philly

Best Children's Music Class

For Our Music:

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Audio Awards
Ring Around the Rosy
Jumpin’ in the Leaves
Round the Garden

Parents Choice Approved Award

for Dance Baby Dance

Parent’s Choice Silver
for Ring Around the Rosy

Parent’s Choice Recommended
for The Fat Snowman


I had the opportunity to attend a class taught by Jen Stewart in Radnor this morning. My 15 month old daughter enjoyed dancing and playing instruments. It was fantastic and Jen was a pro! Thank you for creating such a wonderful program!

Amanda Z.

Nicholas really loves this class! He will walk up to the CD player at home and demand that we play his Makin’ Music CD and then he will dance all over!

Stacy B.

Everyone at Makin’ Music made us feel so warm and welcome and made Jonathan feel special. As the mother of a special needs child, I can’t tell you how much that means to me. The world is not always as kind as you have always been. 

Kristina S.

Check Out Our Latest Video!

Did you know about our Youtube videos! Explore our 100s of videos with all of your favorite teachers!

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