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About Our Classes

Our award-winning family classes feature friendly and enthusiastic teachers who lead the class as children and adults gather gather in a circle to “make music.” Our classes have a strong educational foundation that will help prepare your little one for formal music instruction as well as reading and math readiness. Class activities include singing, playing instruments, and the use of “musical props” to keep your child engaged.

Our teachers individualize each class to meet the needs and abilities of the children present. We have long recognized the therapeutic value of music, and all children are welcome to join in Makin’ Music classes regardless of their individual needs.

Where to Find Us

We have locations in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Florida, Texas, and North Carolina coming soon! Click the links below to learn more. If you'd like to register or have questions about a class, please reach out to the location you are interested in directly. They will be able to answer your all of your questions!




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